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MR6 is a complex arrangement of polymers designed for the extension and enhancement of bituminous binder for asphalt used in road surfaces.

Ideally suited to surfacing intersections, roundabouts and slow moving, heavy vehicle areas, where deformation resistance is critical.


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  • MacRebur products are used as binder extenders and /or modifiers to reduce the volume of bitumen required in an asphalt mix, at the same time enhance or maintain asphalt performance.

    All products are made from 100% waste plastics that would otherwise go to landfill or incineration. Independent laboratory testing has demonstrated that MacRebur products do not leach plastic or generate toxic fumes.

    MacRebur products have been demonstrated by various laboratories across the world to significantly improve the stiffness and deformation resistance of asphalt while avoiding the embrittlement of oxidization, evidenced by increased fracture toughness and fatigue life.


    Non-US customers reach out to MacRebur Limited 

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