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Who we are...

The Sparks Company is a family owned company on a mission to make a difference.  We believe in making the world a better place, and that the future belongs to our children, our employees and our clients.  We believe in treating the world and its people with respect, kindness and compassion, and we believe that starts with our employees, and radiates to our customers.

We sell quality products that are not only sustainable, but reduce the world's carbon footprint, actively combat the waste plastic epidemic, foster a truly circular economy. and enhance roadways.

In addition to our product line, we have an exceptionally talented paving crew, provide complimentary consultation services for all of your paving and sealing needs, and rent equipment that is well maintained and operated by highly skilled and trained individuals.  You can count on us to exceed your expectations.

We believe in giving our customers the highest quality customer service imaginable.  If there is anything you're not 100% thrilled with, we'll make it right.  No questions asked.

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